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This bariatric facility, located in Tijuana, Mexico, a few minutes from the San Diego airport and US
border, is a weight loss surgery center with over fifteen years of experience. The center is a high-tech, well equipped with several amenities, and has many safety measures, along with three operating rooms, an in-house radiology department, a newly added ICU and an endoscopy suite in-house.

ALM’s surgeons are experts with a genuine passion and dedication for their patients. The star surgeon, Dr. Elias Ortiz, exceeds expectations with his excellent surgical skills. Along with his team, they have been outstanding for their contribution to minimally invade the body during weight loss surgery.

Some of their staff were also patients, so they hold a great understanding of the weight loss surgery
process, i.e., how hard and time-consuming can be to research for the best surgeon. They will advise you on which is the optimal surgery that suits you. They will assist you on every step: check-in, labs, they will even take you sightseeing or shopping if you ask. There is a patient advocate who is always there for you, answering all your questions and will also assist you in recovery with and 4-star hotel accommodation if you need it. There is also an aftercare nurse to guide you in the weight loss journey.

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