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Long Term WLS

Long Term WLS is a very popular bariatric surgery provider in Tijuana, Mexico. Along with their leading bariatric surgeon Dr. Jorge Maytorena, they have been widely recognized on the last few years for providing long lasting and reliable weight loss results when it comes to bariatric surgery procedures such Gastric Sleeve (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy), Gastric Bypass, Mini Gastric Bypass and Revision Surgery.

Long Term WLS has been offering unbeatable prices since the beginning of their practice, is safe to say that “Long Term WLS is Mexico’s premium bariatric group providing affordable weight loss surgery to cost-conscious American and Canadian bariatric patients”, but mostly important they’re specialist on laparoscopic bariatric procedures. Long Term WLS surgical team is a very experienced, skillful and knowledgeable; their leading bariatric surgeon Dr. Jorge Maytorena is among the best bariatric surgeons in the field. With over 6,000 successful bariatric procedures and a complication rate close to 0 percent, bariatric surgeon Dr. Jorge Maytorena is a reliable choice to undergo bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico.

Long Term WLS offer high quality medical services, equipment and supplies. The security of their weight loss surgery patients a main objective so by providing premium medications from the best and most recommended pharmaceutical brands they can guarantee quality to their patients. Long Term WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) and bariatric surgeon Dr. Jorge Maytorena identify themselves as healthcare providers that understands their patient’s needs by offering and guaranteeing high quality health care, friendly approach, all inclusive packages and affordable prices for almost every patient’s budget. Therefore, Long Term WLS is currently offering convenient all-inclusive packages at $3899 USD for all first-time bariatric procedures, such as Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Mini Gastric Bypass and Sleeve SADI.



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