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Located in Tijuana, Mexico, MBC sells attractive weight loss packages at certified facilities, with leading surgeons. They provide quality and affordable options to patients with obesity and its comorbidities. The main office is located at El Dorado Hills Business Park west of Sacramento, CA.
MBC is a great option for bariatric procedures since 2012. They team up with advanced facilities and qualified surgeons to offer quality care, on the same quality level as Canada and the US. Their provider profile is very strict and it determines whether or not they should be in their network. It is based on medical quality, experience, destination, pricing, and communication. Due to this formula, MBC has successfully coordinated hundreds of patients per year with an affordable bariatric surgery price in Tijuana, Mexico.

Mexico Bariatric Center Reviews

The top ranked surgeons who work with MBS are Dr. Ismael Cabrera Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela; along with other surgeons they have shown excellent care and understanding and unparalleled medical expertise. Each of them has delivered high success rates and lowest complication rates in the surgeries they have done. The surgeons perform hard-to-do surgeries including gastric sleeve (, adjustable gastric banding, mini gastric bypass, Roux-en-y gastric bypass, gastric plication, duodenal switch and correct any failed surgeries while striving to provide the best quality service and results as possible. The surgeries are mostly performed with laparoscopic technique.

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